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Referral Network

Network of Healthcare Providers

Our network of healthcare providers are committed to expediting the initial visit and consultation of SCA-referred patients. Our certified Primary Spine Practitioners will evaluate your case and determine immediately whether you will best be served within our on-site provider group, or best be referred to a medical specialist. The off-site providers are committed to seeing all SCA-referred patients on a high-priority basis as they value the diagnostic opinion of the primary spine practitioner who is making the referral. In addition to our on-site primary team, our off-site referral network includes:

SCA Off-Site Referral Network

Leslie Mentel, LAc 

General Surgery 
Vincent Chang, MD 

Michael Dunn, MD 
Ryan Evans, MD

EMG/NCV Testing 
Allen D. Pettee, MD 

Angel Boev, MD 
Christine McMorrow, MD 
James Maxwell, MD 

Orthopedics - Foot and Ankle 
Luke Loveys, MD 

Orthopedics - Knee 
Mike Maloney, MD 
Lucien Rouse, MD 

Orthopedics - Shoulder 
John Goldblatt, MD 

Orthopedic Spinal Surgery 
Gordon Whitbeck, MD 
Paul Rubery, MD 

Pain Management 
Jennifer Gargano, MD 
Garrett Morris, MD 
Ajai K. Nemani, MD 
Roger N. Ng, MD 
Clifford Everett, MD 

David Cardillo, C-PED 

Metro Foot Care 
Kathleen Dodsworth, DPM 

Douglas Jones, MD 

Vascular Surgery 
Kevin Geary, MD 

SCA Examining and Triaging Providers

E. Daniel Quatro DC
Amy Kochersberger, DC
Leslie W. Lange DC 
Joshua T. Keeler, DC 
Jason T. Swinton, DC 
Megan A. Tuzzo, DC 

SCA On-site providers

Christine Torres, LAc 

Massage Therapy 
Chris Smith, LMT 
Sandra Swanson, LMT 
Liz Raneri, LMT 

Physical Therapy 
STAR PT - Kali LaRue, DPT 

Rehab/Cardio - Personal Training 
Dynamic Functional Fitness - Carol Bucci, CPT